Best Of The Sunshine Company
Artist: Sunshine Company
Format: CD
New: Available $26.98

Formats and Editions


1. Happy
2. Blue May
3. Back on the Street Again
4. Year of Jaine Time, A
5. Children Could You Help Us Find the Way
6. I Need You
7. Just Beyond Your Smile
8. Four in the Morning
9. Warm in My Heart
10. Look, Here Comes the Sun
11. It's Sunday
12. Love, That's Where It Is
13. Sunday Brought the Rain
14. I, to We, and Back Again
15. You Don't Know Her Like I Do
16. If You Only Knew
17. Darcy Farrow
18. Wingate Square
19. Sunshine Theme - (TRUE instrumental)
20. Springtime Meadows
21. I Hate Pigeons
22. Only Thing That Mattered, The (After All)

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