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Tori Amos

Native Invader Russia

Vinyl: $24.98 UNAVAILABLE

Enigmatic Tori Amos is an accomplished singer-songwriter, pianist and musician. Classically trained, she has been releasing music since the mid 80s. She released Native Invader in 2017, which was inspired by visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, home of her Native American ancestors. For RSD Black Friday, Verve Records is releasing the limited edition Russian EP, featuring 4 songs from Native Invader. This EP comes complete with labels printed in Russian and pressed on orange colored vinyl. Tori's confessional style of writing sees her continuing to push boundaries with her music. Come with her on her most recent journey.

Side A: 1.Russia 2.Upside Down 2  Side B: 1.Cloud Rider 2.Up the Creek

Tori Amos - Native Invader Russia
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The B-52's

Mesopotamia [RSD 2019]


Reissue of the original Warner Bros. Records 1982 EP on light blue colored 12” vinyl. Produced by David Byrne, the set features “Loveland,” “Deep Sleep,” “Mesopotamia,” Cake, “ “Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can,” and ‘Nip It In The Bud.” It will contain the US mixes that were on the original North American release. Limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.

The B-52's - Mesopotamia [RSD 2019]
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Soundtrack to the 1995 film based on the memoirs of Jim Carroll. Never before on LP.  "Basketball Orange" vinyl limited to 2000 copies, exclusive for Record Store Day.

Jim Carroll with Pearl Jam - Catholic Boy
Graeme Revell with Jim Carroll - Devil’s Toe
P.J. Harvey - Down by the Water
Rockers Hi-Fi - What a Life
Graeme Revell with Jim Carroll - I Am Alone
The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
The Doors - Riders on the Storm
Green Apple Quick Step - Dizzy
Graeme Revell with Jim Carroll - It’s Been Hard
The Posies - Coming Right Along
Massive Internal Complications - Strawberry Wine
The Cult - Star
Graeme Revell - Dream Massacre
Flea - I’ve Been Down
Soundgarden - Blind Dogs

Various Artists - The Basketball Diaries Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [RSD 2019]
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A song from the Disney animated film The Little Mermaid, pressed on 3" vinyl for play on the RSD3 mini-turntable. One of four in a series of classic Disney/Pixar songs on 3" vinyl for RSD Black Friday. 

"Part Of Your World" 

Jodi Benson - Part Of Your World [RSD BF 2019]
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Tommy Bolin

Come Taste The Man [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $39.98 UNAVAILABLE

Tommy Bolin’s incredible sampler “Come Taste The Man” – now a super limited edition and first time vinyl collection featuring rare live and studio tracks from his personal archives. This pressing is limited to 1,000 units on stunning 180 gram purple vinyl and housed in a brilliant cover featuring the late guitarist with axe in hand!

Side One People People (live from “Ebbets Field 1976”) Meaning Of Love (from “The Bottom Shelf”) Teaser (live from Ebbets Field) Gotta Dance (from “Snapshot”) Acoustic Jam #1 (unreleased remix from “The Bottom Shelf”) In His Own Words I (from “1976: In His Own Words”)
Side Two 1. Post Toastee (from “Northern Lights”) 2. Rock A Bye (Unreleased “Energy In The Studio) 3. Sky Sail (from “Energy” sessions) 4. Slow Driver (from “The Ultimate Redux”) 5. In His Own Words II (from “1976: In His Own Words”)

Tommy Bolin - Come Taste The Man [RSD 2019]
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Some claim to have never been the same after that evening in Atlanta.

Exactly what transpired that night at Atlanta's Fox Theater in November of 1973 will likely be debated for many years. This is ''the'' concert performance noted in the liner notes of the first Utopia album and was Todd's first introduction of his new prog-rock band. That first album would include parts of this concert, as well as studio compositions. Todd spins us through a series of aural and spiritual fantasies, beginning with the opening song ''Utopia Theme'', the same one that's used on the band's first album. From ''Open My Eyes'' the incredible Nazz song, to ''Black Maria'', ''Don't You Ever Learn'' and ''The Last Ride'', this performance sent Atlanta's denizens scurrying to the record stores to find the album in which these songs were on, except it hadn't been released yet!. Now you have the opportunity sing-a-long with all the songs in the comfort of your home. Very clean, bright scorching hot guitar solos, exceptional keyboard, drums and bass, and Todd's singular vocals absolutely shine. . Now it can be heard by the fans who never knew this recording existed. This fantastic show is a must for the casual prog-rock fan, and for those who love Todd's music. This is absolutely essential if you're a fan of Todd's prog-rock era of the early 70's!

Todd Rundgren - Todd Rungren's Utopia Live At The Fox Theater 1973
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus - Sep

Sidney Lumet's 1973 masterpiece Serpico is one of the most iconic movies of the '70s. Featuring a career-defining performance by Al Pacino in the title role, it's a superb neo-noir, encapsulating the post-Watergate mood of the early '70s. The film's soundtrack by Mikis Theodorakis is equally stunning. Composed by the Greek musician and arranged by cult jazz pianist Bob James, it is a superb blend of funky instrumental and traditional melodies reminiscent of The Godfather OST.

But the soundtrack didn't have an easy start. To begin with, Sidney Lumet didn't want any music for the film, which he thought was self-sufficient. However, under the pressure of producer Dino de Laurentiis, he finally bowed and agreed to hire a composer. Lumet thought about Mikis Theodorakis who had famously penned the classic score for Zorba The Greek. The composer was just out of jail in Greece for political activism and was busy preparing a North American tour but he duly accepted the task. However, he said he could only compose the music and not perform it. Lumet agreed and turned to Quincy Jones for advice, the musician having scored Lumet's film The Deadly Affair in 1966. Jones recommended the young pianist and arranger Bob James, who could help turn Theodorakis's composition into recorded music. James was hired on the spot to arrange the score and oversee the recording sessions adding a few cues in the process. The result is a stunning masterwork taking Theodorakis's great themes and reworking them in a skillful mix of traditional arrangements and cool jazz-funk tracks like "Honest Cop" and the stunningly funky "On The Streets". James doesn't remember much of the session players he says in the interview he gave for Wewantsounds' release, but they would have included the usual jazz funk suspects who were playing on his CTI sessions.

This RSD 2020 release is newly remastered from the original tapes by Colorsound Studio in Paris and featuring a stunning gatefold designed by American illustrator Eric Adrian Lee, and including authoritative notes by British film and music critic Jason Wood with an insightful Bob James interview reminiscing about the production of this superb soundtrack.

A1. “Theme From Serpico” A2. “Honest Cop” A3. “Alone In The Apartment” A4. “Meeting In The Park” A5. “Shoe Shop”

B1. “On The Streets” B2. “Flashback” B3. “Laurie's Fable” B4. “Disillusion” B5. “End Title”

Mikis Theodorakis - Serpico [RSD Drops Sep 2020]
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Despite going on at 3:30 in the morning, Sly & The Family Stone electrified a generation with an explosive set at the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival on August 17, 1969. Five decades later, this infectiously energetic performance makes its vinyl debut for Record Store Day 2019, offering powerful renditions of classics like “Dance To The Music,” “Everyday People,” “I Want To Take You Higher” and more.

A) 1. M'Lady 2. Sing A Simple Song 3. You Can Make It If You Try B) 1. Everyday People 2. Dance To The Music 3. MEDLEY: Music Lover/Higher C) 1. I Want To Take You Higher 2. Lover City 3. Stand! D) Etched with Sly & The Family Stone logo

Sly & The Family Stone - Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969  [RSD 2019]
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The Smithereens

B-Sides The Beatles

Vinyl: $29.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $10.99 Download

It’s no secret that The Smithereens grew up listening to The Beatles. They paid homage to the group’s landmark Capitol debut album by lovingly re-recording Meet The Beatles in its entirety. This time The Smithereens dug through their treasure of early Beatles singles and selected a dozen of Beatles B-sides. Originally released on vinyl in January of 2009 as a 2 disc set combined with Meet The Beatles, which has been out of print for five years. This marks the first vinyl stand-alone release for this part. For Beatle fans everywhere the final kick to this unique package is the orange and yellow swirl vinyl which was the original color combination for the label on the Capitol Records Beatles singles.

A1 Thank You Girl A2 There's A Place A3 I'll Get You A4 You Can't Do That A5 Ask Me Why A6 Cry For A Shadow
B1 P.S. I Love You B2 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You B3 If I Fell B4 Slow Down B5 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party B6 Some Other Guy

The Smithereens - B-Sides The Beatles
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Celebrating 20 years since The Sopranos first hit HBO, "Peppers & Eggs" features a who's who of iconic artists including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, and Elvis Costello. Previously unavailable on vinyl, this limited edition Record Store Day release is pressed on “Prozac & Booze” colored vinyl. .

1. The Police & Henry Mancini - Every Breath You Take / Theme From Peter Gunn  2. Pigeonhed - Battle Flag 3. The Campbell Brothers With Katie Jackson - I’ve Got A Feeling 4. Kasey Chambers - The Captain 5. R.L. Burnside - Shuck Dub 6. The Lost Boys – Affection 7.  Otis Redding - My Lover’s Prayer 8. Madreblu - Certamente 

Various Artists - The Sopranos 20th Anniversary Peppers & Eggs [RSD 2019]
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NUGS: Best of The Box [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $39.98 UNAVAILABLE

First ever compilation of highlights from the EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN rarities boxset

Sublime - NUGS: Best of The Box [RSD 2019]
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Sugar Hill Records was the birthplace label for hip hop. It gave listeners their first exposure to urban rhyming and scratching that transformed pop music during the ‘80s. Many of the 12” singles and vinyl versions of their classics have been out of print for years, missing the rise of hip hop during the 80’s and 90’s. This 12” boxset will not only be a must have for the listeners who grew up on the music, but for the DJ’s to be able to go back to the beginning and mix each strategically placed single into their own vinyl DJ set . This 6 Disc Vinyl 12” Boxed set will incorporate all of the label’s classic A-sides - many in their full length mixes. We will have a small summary of the label and how it changed hip hop as liners and the boxed set will be packaged in a beautiful Sugar Hill Records slip case that pays tribute to the old school “feel” of the generation. In addition to the vinyl boxed set, we will be offering a special “DJ” version for digital download that will be a 1 hour and 17 minute non-stop “party mix” using each of the tracks, in their respectable order, with no breaks so it can be played at any party from start to finish, giving the party a DJ without an actual DJ present! Limited to 2000 copies worldwide

Various Artists - Sugar Hill Records: The 12" D.J. Boxset [RSD 2019]
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RSD 'First' Aug

Throwing Muses released their long awaited Purgatory/Paradise in 2013, ten years after their previous studio album - a 32 track opus of tangible bliss. Initially devised as both an album and as a book, with writing by Hersh and art by Narcizo, this vinyl reissue features all 32 tracks from the alt-rock heroes.

SIDE A: 1. Smoky Hands 1 2. Morning Birds 1 3. Sleepwalking 2 4. Sunray Venus 5. Cherry Candy 1 6. Film 7. Opiates 8. Cherry Candy 2
SIDE B: 1.Freesia 2. Curtains 3. Triangle Quantico 4. Morning Birds 5. Lazy Eye 6. Blurry 7. Folding Fire 8. Slippershell
SIDE C: 1.Bluff 2. Blurry 3. Terra Nova 4. Walking Talking 5. Milan 6. Curtains 7. Folding Fire 8. Static
SIDE D: 1. Clark's Nutcracker 2. Dripping Trees 3. Sleepwalking 4. Smoky Hands 5. Speedbath 6. Quick 7. Dripping Trees 8. Glass Cats

Throwing Muses - Purgatory / Paradise [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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David Bowie

David Bowie

Vinyl: $44.98 UNAVAILABLE

First time on Heavyweight red and blue colored vinyl for David Bowie's debut album. This 2LP set features the Mono version of the album on Disc One and the Stereo version on Disc Two.

Side 1: (1) "Uncle Arthur", (2) "Sell Me A Coat", (3) "Rubber Band", (4) "Love You Till Tuesday", (5) "There Is A Happy Land", (6) "We Are Hungry Men", (7)" When I Live My Dream"                                                                  Side 2: (1) "Little Bombardier", (2) "Silly Boy Blue", (3)Come And Buy My Toys", (4) "Join The Gang", (5) "She's Got Medals", (6) "Maid Of Bond Street", (7) "Please Mr. Gravedigger"

David Bowie - David Bowie
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Johnny Guitar Watson


Vinyl: $34.98 UNAVAILABLE

Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco) | Tu Jours Amour | Gangster Of Love | Guitar Disco | Wrapped In Black Mink | You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go | Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)

Johnny Guitar Watson - Giant
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Hank Williams

The First Recordings, 1938

Vinyl: $11.98 UNAVAILABLE

The first EVER recordings made by the legendary Hank Williams. This Record Store Day Black Friday 7" red vinyl single celebrates the 80th anniversary of their recording, and the labels duplicate the labels on the original acetate. 

Side A "Fan It" (F. Jaxon) - Hank Williams
Side B "Alexander’s Ragtime Band" (I. Berlin) - Hank Williams & Pee Week Moultrie

Hank Williams -  The First Recordings, 1938
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Safari EP

Vinyl: $21.98 UNAVAILABLE

Originally released in April 1992, sandwiched between their first two albums (Pod and Last Splash), The Breeders' Safari EP cxame at a time when Kim's Pixies commitments were winding down and her new band was on the cusp of releasing a platinum-selling album. Their first record to feature Kim Deal's twin sister Kelley (and the only Breeders release with both Kelley Deal and Tanya Donnelly), the EP was recorded in two studios with the bulk coming from a session in New York, which provided an early version of "Do You Love Me Now?", "Don't Call Home" and a cover of The Who's "So Sad About Us". The title track was recorded in London by Kim, Josephine Wiggs and drummer Jon Mattock (Spiritualized/Spacemen3).  This Record Store Day Black Friday release is a faithful repress of the 12" version, complete with Shinro Ohtake's 198 charcoal drawing Nairobi VIII adorning its cover. 

"Do You Love Me Now?"/ "Don't Call Home"/  "Safari"/ "So Sad About Us"

Breeders - Safari EP
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Sho is Funky Down Here and The Grodeck Whipperjenny are a pair of albums that are the result of an unlikely but highly productive musical relationship between James Brown, a superstar at the creative and commercial peaks of his long career, and David Matthews, a then young arranger-musician whose limited professional experience had little or nothing to do with the funk and soul of his collaborator.

James Brown’s psychedelic album, created by his then-bandleader David Matthews, and issued at the same time as Matthews’ classic The Grodeck Whipperjenny. Underground, fuzzy, rambling psych-funk. The genesis of Brown’s “Talking Loud And Saying Nothing,” a 1990s hip hop sample staple, informing A Tribe Called Quest, Large Professor, Brand Nubian and others.

Lacquered directly from the original master tapes at Capitol Studios. This is the first official reissue of both of this rare titles. Contains an extensive booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos.

James Brown - Sho Is Funky Down Here  [RSD 2019]
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Recently discovered, previously unreleased Tim Buckley four song demo recorded prior to his being signed to Elektra Records.

It Happens Every Time|I Can't See You|Grief in My Soul|Sixface

Tim Buckley - March 66 - The Folk Rock Demos
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Celtic Frost

Tragic Serenades (Uk)

Vinyl: $32.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $2.99 Download

Reissue of the classic 1986 Celtic Frost EP, out of print for over thirty years. This is its first official release on picture disc in North America.

Side 1: 1. The Usurper 2. Jewel Throne Side 2: 1. Return To Eve (1985 Studio Jam)

Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades (Uk)
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A 12" picture disc packaged with a 24 page Justice League Comic Book and exclusive folded 24x26" Justice League poster.

Side A Come Together (Single Version) Side B Come Together (Extended Version)

Gary Clark Jr. with Junkie XL - Come Together
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Track Listing

A1 –Slash (3) and Michael Monroe - Magic Carpet Ride
A2 –Soft Cell - Tainted Love
A3 –k.d. lang and Andy Bell - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
A4 –Paul Simon - Kodachrome
A5 –Morten Harket - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
A6 –R.E.M. - It's A Free World Baby
B1 –Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul To Squeeze
B2 –Barenaked Ladies - Fight The Power
B3 –Digable Planets - Little Renee
B4 –Babble - Chale Jao
B5 –Beldar* and Prymaat* with Nan Schaefer - Conehead Love

RSD 2019 release on limited yellow vinyl.

Coneheads / Music From the Motion Picture - Coneheads / Music From The Motion Picture [Colored Vinyl]
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Side One
"Everyone’s Playing House" – Bacharach/Costello
"The Lovers That Never Were" – McCartney/Costello
Side Two
"If You Love Me"– Words: Johnny Cash – Music: Elvis Costello
"Down On The Bottom" – Words: Bob Dylan – Music: Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Purse EP  [RSD 2019]
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Cherie Currie

Blvds of Splendor [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $39.98 UNAVAILABLE

Brand new record from Cherie Currie of the legendary Runaways!

1. Mr. X / 2. Roxy Roller / 3. You Wreck Me / 4. Black Magic / 5. Blvd of Splendor / 6. Force to be Reckoned With / 7. Bad and Broken / 8. Rock & Roll Oblivion / 9. Shades / 10. Draggin' the Line / 11. Breakout / 12. The Air That I Breathe 

Cherie Currie - Blvds of Splendor [RSD 2019]
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Cypress Hill

Black Sunday Remixes

Vinyl: $39.98 UNAVAILABLE

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best hip-hop albums of the '90s with this newly compiled stash of rare remixes from Cypress Hill's breakthrough sophomore album Black Sunday. Includes alternate versions of "Insane In The Brain", "Lick A Shot", "When The Shit Goes Down" and "Hits From The Bong," plus the non-album track "Scooby Doo."

Side A (TT 12:10) 01. “Insane In The Brain” (Extended Version) (4:51) 02. “When the Ship Goes Down” (Diamond D Remix) (2:55) 03. “Hits From The Bong” (T-Ray Mix) (4:24)
Side B (TT 11:22) 04. "Lick A Shot" (Baka Boyz Main Remix) (3:31) 05. “Scooby Doo” (3:39) 06. "When The Sh** Goes Down" (Extended Version) (4:12)

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday Remixes
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Exclusive for Record Store Day 2018, Daptone Records is proud to present the instrumentals from 2014's critically acclaimed Look Closer album, by Saun & Starr. Performed by the baddest band in the land, The Dap-Kings, this album features two instrumentals of tunes previously unavailable until now. All copies will be pressed on transparent muted blue vinyl. DJs take note because once these puppies are gone...they're gone!

1: Look Closer 2: Hot Shot 3: Gonna Make Time 4: Sunshine (You're Blowing My Cool) 5: Pawn Broker 6: Another Love Like Mine 7: Big Wheel 8: Your Face Before My Eyes 9: Dear Mr. Teddy 10: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

The Dap-Kings - A Closer Look At The Dap-Kings: The Instrumentals for Saun & Starr's Look Closer
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DJ Khaled

Victory [RSD 2019]

Vinyl: $34.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

1st time on vinyl - Older 2010 album featuring the hit track "All I Do Is Win"

1. Intro (feat. Diddy & Busta Rhymes)
2. All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)
3. Put Your Hands Up (feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Plies & Schife)
4. Fed Up (feat. Lil Wayne, Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross)
5. Victory (feat. Nas & John Legend)
6. Ball (feat. Jim Jones & Schife)
7. Rockin All My Chains On (feat. Birdman, Bun B & Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
8. Killing Me (feat. Buju Banton, Busta Rhymes & Bounty Killer)
9. Bringing Real Rap Back (feat. Rum)
10. Bring The Money Out (feat. Nelly, Lil Boosie & Ace Hood)
11. On My Way (feat. Kevin "KC" Cossom, Ace Hood, BallGreezy, Desloc, Piccalo, Iceberg, Bali, Gunplay, Rum & Young Cash)
12. Rep My City (feat. Pitbull & Jarvis)

DJ Khaled - Victory [RSD 2019]
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First classical piece from TAD founder/frontman, dark modern classical in the tradition of John Carpenter.

SIDE A 1.Silent Incineration 2.Bio-Illogical Functions 3.Meditations in Null 4.Desire
SIDE B 1.Nurtured in Grief 2.The Only Thing You Truly Own is Nothing 3.Prognati ignis ignis

Thomas Doyle Andrew - Incineration Ceremony [Record Store Day]
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Rare recording of the Legendary Emerson Lake & Palmer in 1972 in the US at their peak.  This rare show was only ever previously available on CD in the ELP box set.  Pressed on yellow and brown colored vinyl.

Side A 1. Tarkus  Side B 1. Take A Pebble 2. Lucky Man 3. Piano Improvisations 4. Take A Pebble (Reprise) Side C 1. Pictures At An Exhibition 2. Hoedown Side D 1. Blue Rondo a la Turk 

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live At Pocono International Raceway, Long Pond, PA, U.S.A., 9th July 1972 [RSD 2019]
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Demon Records are proud to present this limited edition Fawlty Towers picture disc, featuring 2 of the most highly rated episodes ever. The classic episode ‘The Rat’ backed with ‘The Builders’. Created by John Cleese and Connie Booth, Fawlty Towers is a classic BBC programme from the 70s. In 2000 the British Film Institute ranked it number 1 in the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes list.


Fawlty Towers - Second Sitting
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First ever LP release of the first installment in the Garcialive Series, bringing complete, previously unreleased landmark live performances in Jerry Garcia's career to listeners, remixed and mastered from 24 track recordings! Vol.1 showcases the Jerry Garcia Band's performance at the Capitol Theatre from 3/1/1980 across a 5LP Boxset!

Early Show: “Sugaree”, “Catfish John,” “How Sweet It Is,” “Simple Twist of Fate”, “Sitting in Limbo”, “That's All Right”, “Deal”

Late Show: “Mission in the Rain”, “That's What Love Will Make You Do”, “Russian Lullaby”, “The Harder They Come”, “Tiger Rose (w/ Robert Hunter)”, “Promontory Rider (w/ Robert Hunter)”, “Midnight Moonlight”, “E: Dear Prudence”

Jerry Garcia Band - GarciaLive Volume One: March 1st, 1980 Capitol Theatre  [RSD BF 2019]
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Live 1973 Bataclan (France) [RSD 2019]

2 x LP: $44.98 UNAVAILABLE

A psychedelic rock band formed by Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth in France in 1969, Gong became pioneers of a new brand of psychedelia/space-rock/trip-rock - with a conceptual ethos involving aliens and alternative realities. An international outfit, increasingly linked to other bands of the Canterbury scene, many musicians came and went. This Record Store Day 2019 release brings this 1973 Gong performance to color double vinyl with original labels, printed inner sleeves, cardboard jacket with two pockets and LP marketing folder (obi).


Introduction - Tout Va Bien | Dynamite - I'm Your Animal | Tic Toc | Taliesin | Inside Your Head | You Can't Kill Me | Flute Salad | Pussy | Radio Gnome I & II | Flying Teapot | Wet Drum Sandwich (Encore)

Gong - Live 1973 Bataclan (France) [RSD 2019]
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Gov't Mule

Girl With No Self Esteem

12" Vinyl: $29.98 UNAVAILABLE

Gov’t Mule brings you a Record Store Day exclusive 12” vinyl single that features two previously unreleased tracks pulled from the critically acclaimed Revolution Come…Revolution Go recordings sessions. One that Guitar Player magazine calls “…nothing short of extraordinary.    

Girl With No Self-Esteem / Bed Of Lies

Gov't Mule - Girl With No Self Esteem

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